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June Kaminski

Commercially, June creates web and graphic designs in many different genres. From the mystical to the corporate, these graphics vary according to client needs and preferences. June's art work however follows an energetic, metaphysical bent, divided into several interrelated categories. Themes focused on include Amour, Egypt, Energy, Femme, Gaia, Muse, Mystic and Shaman.

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Amour Egypt
Amour or Love is a powerful theme, likely the strongest and most uplifting emotion felt by people and creatures alike. This series of work focuses on the delicate nuances that prevade those who dabble in the energy of Amour. Egypt and its historical art has a strong influence on mystical symbolism and expression. Much of June's work reflects the ancient and contemporary energies of Egypt, shown in this series.
Energy Femme
This series reflects the power and moving influence of sacred geometry and elemental symbolism. Color and form are combined in purposeful ways to stimulate the energy fields of viewers. Femme or Female energy has a sacred nuance that can help to balance and nurture the viewer. The inherent power in realized Female energy both empowers and comforts - healing the often irritating split between the male/female energies perpetuated in the media and social dictums of modern culture.
Gaia Muse
Gaia, the sacred Earth Energy is another central theme in June's work and the central focus of this series of work. Touching the Earth energy can be very restorative and healing - a fact that motivated the creation of these art pieces. The ancient Muses have long been lauded as the conveyors of artistic inspiration and eurekas. This series focuses on this powerful energy, often regarded as feminine and motivating.
Mystic Shaman
Mysticism has inspired powerful artists for millennia. This series conveys June's own understanding and mystical visions - expressed to motivate similar mystical experiences in viewers. June's Native and Celtic roots stimulated the creation of this series. A rekindling of the sacredness of the sacred medicine wheel and an attunement with the Earth and her creatures. Shows an appreciation of shamanic wisdom, an embodiment of mastery in all avenues of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development.

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