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Pick of the Week Award

Pick of the week

Here are listed all the artists who were chosen as my Pick Of The Week. Winners are chosen on the basis of quality, expression and my personal preferences. Click on winner's name to visit their work. Each offer eye candy to delight!

2006 Winners

Fabiana Kofman (November 11th)
David Lindamood (November 1st)
Lois M. Hulse (October 22nd)
Hratch Israelian (October 8th)

2005 Winners

Calin Apetroaie (May 3rd)

2004 Winners

Murray Cholowsky (February 24th)

2003 Winners

Dr. Karl-Heinz Maier (August 17th)
Leonard Thompson (July 24th)
Ingrid Kamerbeek (July 6th)
Linda E. Case (June 25th)
Uvi (May 23rd)
2002 Winners

James Goss (June 11th)
Marjolein Kruijt (April 14th)
Lynne Joyce (March 13th)
Patrick Trotter (January 20th)
Karen Cardinal (January 10th)

2001 Winners

Dina Goebel (October 8th)
Hafeez (September 24th)
Elise Savage (July 9th)
Ole Ziger (May 21st)
Donald R. Ricker (April 28th)
James Guçwa (April 17th)
Felix Ferreras (April 1st)
Peter Shulman (Mar. 14th)
Elizabeth Burry (Feb. 22nd)
Johanna Pieterman (Feb. 13th)
Arlette Steenmans (Jan. 24th)
Deanna Clear - (January 5th)

2000 Winners

John W. Horne - (December 26th)
Gloria Pirez-Molina - (December 2nd)
Scott McGregor - (November 16th)
Kelly Graham - (October 22nd)
Mary Larsson - (October 14th)
Ted Pullig - (October 3rd)
Lainie Smith - (September 25th)
Nancy Zbik - (September 8th)
David Reyes - (August 29th)
D. Chimi - (August 16th)
Dan Campbell - (August 9th)
Shirl Sazynski - (July 22nd)
Nancy Timpanelli - (July 15th)
Mohammed Sherif - (July 4th)
Scott Hague - (June 24th)
Kevin Scarbrough - (May 27th)
Sue Dickinson - (May 3rd)
Elizabeth Smith - (April 18th)
Nenad Karadjinovic - (March 25th)
David Camp - (March 17th)
Amargi Hillier - (March 6th)
Panda Gielen - (February 17th)
Alan King - (January 28th)
Garry L. Taylor - (January16th)
Carol Tipping - (January 7th)

1999 Winners

Alan Hagarty - (December 28th)
Alan Chorlton - (December 20th)
Sylvia Lee - (November 20th)
Ted Gomez - (November 20th)
Deborah Duffield - (November 9th)
Robert Stagemyer - (November 3rd)
Dawn Dunlap - (October 27th)
Ray Grier - (October 20th)
Paul Brouns - (October 13th)