Art Award Winners

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bullet House of Chinchillas

A site about chinchillas with many tips and tricks, photogallery, memorial, award-program. German and English versions.
"An informative German site about Chinchillas, everything you ever wanted to know about Chinchillas from Chinchilla enthusiast, Dunja Valdez. Shown in both English and German, Valdez has done a great job in helping to entertain us, teach us more, and tell us about the raising and breeding of Chinchillas. Learn something and enjoy!" Won the Silver Web Award.


Whatever you want to portray - the hot or cool things in life, the clean or the colossal - you are bound to find something out of the ordinary in ARCTIC IMAGES, the image bank of photographer Ragnar Sigurdsson. He is frequently on the move in the Arctic areas in a quest for the light, perspectives and motives existing only in this unique territory on the top of world.
"Photographer Ragnar Sigurdsson of Iceland takes us on a voyage of the top of the world and an area of it's own. His arctic images are exciting, different and very interesting. He captivates his audience and shows us views we might miss in this life time. His image bank of stock photography is very unique and well worth a visit for webmasters in need." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet the art of ballOOning

"Interesting and reminiscent of our younger days, this German site by Uwe Kurz has several galleries of art created with balloons and paint. Betting it's great therapy and yet we found it creative at the same time. Fun, whimsical and down right amusing, you'll want to stay awhile to get some ideas for your own tossing, smashing, and artistic creations." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Glamrockcop

"Webmaster and artist Matthew Harvie has an eye for the unique with various digital artwork and graphics involving abstracts, landscapes, fractals, buttons sets and interfaces for Yahoo. His site is simple but bold and his art is energetic with a lot of depth. To Matthew we happily award our Silver Pegasus award!"
Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet ADMA - Cinematography of the Mind

"Anthony D'Angio enthralls visitors with all kinds of good information about movies including current releases and past classics. He presents an awards program in which you the viewer can participate to vote for your favorite movies of the year. An impressive site, technically well done and visually very pleasing. Well worth a visit if you are interested in home theater, like to talk about and read about movies and consider yourself a motion picture buff. We were a bit surprised not to find an email address for Mr. D'Angio so that we can notify him of his new Silver Pegasus award! Mr. D'Angio if this is how you avoid spam you may very well be on to something!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Betty's Art Gallery

"Impressionistic vision is a good way to describe the online gallery of the paintings Betty Gilson. Many are tropical and just a breath of pure fresh air. With a lot of natural surroundings in Florida for such pretty creations it's no wonder Betty is in her perfect element to express herself. We also very much enjoyed Ms. Gilson's graphic work done on computer. These would make the most marvelous posters and add spunk to all kinds of decor. Just a delightful site full of inspirational art work." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet BigEye

"Though a furniture designer by trade, Vitor Oliveira is another artist to show his multiple talents in his flash involved personal Website. Oliveira's collection of fifties clip art and music is one of several interests, along with some educational material hodge podge that include such subjects as astronomy, animal rights, dinosaurs, meteorology, mythology, UFO's and tattoos! From soup to nuts, this is a fun-filled site that just simply had to have one of our awards! Congratulations Vitor!"
Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Kotu Press

"A fantastic collection of digital art that is truly unique and that few have surpassed. Webmaster Harry Jones has done a great job in showing various art work from artists in a very aesthetically pleasing web site design of his own! The poetry collection he's gathered is one you'll want to visit often, too to see the updates of some very talented creators. Incredibly beautiful and thought provoking are the pages dedicated to grief and loss. Truly a sample of living proof of the healing capacity of art with resources for those in need." Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Gabrieles Galerie

Images by German artist Gabriele Berg, in oil, warercolor oder pastells. I am an autodidact and I painted landscapes, flowers, Animals.....
"Gabriele, we enjoyed visiting your site. Your artistic images are done with a unique style and grace. We happily award you with our Silver award for talent with a fresh idea and an innovative look. Best wishes for your obvious good future!"
Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Artist Sylvia Rose

"Sylvia Rose's art is a breath of fresh air, of particular beauty are her religious images which offer a glowing energy and deep respect for spirituality. They are very moving. Sylvia, we admire your talent and are glad to have found such an attractive group of interesting works." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Island Illusions

Unique, 3D Artist signed original pet and animal art. Acrylics on naturally sculpted stones, canvas & more, plus Stoney's Island photography.
"Artist Kim "Stoney" Niles work is captivating and soulful. This is a must see site complete with original pet and animal art, acrylics on naturally sculpted stones, canvas and Stoney's Island photography. Of particular interest is her art work of nudes, tastefully capturing love energy of women with women. Prices for Kim's art are more than reasonable, she has an ongoing audience on Ebay and is an obvious fresh success. Her clients tout her work and are thrilled." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet JaysonPaints.Com

This website is an online collection of Jayson Vaughn's personal work. I explore my spirituality through my creativity - my painting. It also chronicles my plans for a healing arts centre/retreat.
"Jayson Vaughn's art is commendable and fun! With his unique style and obvious spirituality, Jayson shows his fans some interesting and enjoyable renditions for the mind. Take a quick tour of this whimisical art, it's different and playful for the soul and imagination." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Poems, Short Stories and Novel Excerpts of Author, Alex Domokos

The poems, short stories and novel excerpts of Hungarian author, Alex Domokos. Site includes photos of his sculpting and photos from his autobiography "The Price of Freedom".
"Marvelously educational with several interesting aspects in the form of poems, short stories, plays, essays and novels along with sculptures and photographs. It is rare that artists are gifted in both areas. We think you'll enjoy the collective works of Alex Domokos and come away with a new, reverent outlook in life."
Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Paintings by Wayne Peterson

Award-winning Professor of Art emeritus Wayne Peterson presents a gallery of landscape, floral, abstract, religious and still life paintings. Acrylic and watercolor.
"We are happily obliged to award the acrylics and waters of Wayne Peterson a Pegasus Silver award. Peterson's art brings the dawn of fun to your day. His gentle approach and forethought is obvious in his work and you'll enjoy clicking the mouse to see the variety he presents to the web." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Art in Watercolor

Watercolor paintings, pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints of barns, lighthouses, flowers and landscapes.
"Derek McCrea's art is superbly commercial showing primo talent and perfectly a delight to view. We happily award our Silver Pegasus award to Derek for his easy to enjoy composition and style. A delight to the senses, Derek makes us happy to see that watercolors come alive with his inventive and heavenly style."
Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Arseny Muchnick: translation into Colour

A very young British artist who has just had his first personal exhibition. Moderately modern, mainly oils. Information about the artist, gallery of paintings, and limited edition prints for sale.
"The oil paintings of young British artist Arseny Muchnick remind us that there are occasions in which young artists finds their passion showing us an attractive approach and stamina of those much older in physical time. What a treat to find this lovely little lady who is surely an up and coming phenomona to the entire International art set! We are so proud to award Arseny our Silver Pegasus award. Arseny you are marvelous! Young talent like you gives us hope!."
Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Julie's Artwork

"Julie Spiegel uses pastels, oils, water color and colored pencils to specialize in art renditions of fine landscapes, dogs and florals. She also does portraits and has a particularly beautiful grasp of handling a colored pencil. These are not the things we doodled on our book covers as kids, with our school colored pencils! Oh no! You see Julie has picturesque ability that captures human spirit, such talent liket this is simply "born" among a very few." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Pet Portraits by Cherie

Beautiful and affordable portrait of your pet from a photograph by animal artist Cherie Vergos.
"Cherie Vergos' pet portraits bring the love of the animal kingdom to the delight of those of us web and capture the gentle angels we call our pets, She touches our hearts with artistic talent that fosters love for our four legged creatures. Available for commissions, Cherie makes her home in Pennsylvania. Her world-wide clients enjoy her ability to bring life to even those pets we've lost. What a happy web place!" Won the Silver Web Award.