Art Award Winners

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bullet LiqWid ArtFormZ

Fine art with teeth! Fierce works to stimulate the emotions of even the coldest fish! "Contemporary artist, Pam Renovato tells us she is a two-dimensional artist who favors pastels and charcoals. She also enjoys other mediums as like oils, watercolors, acrylics, airbrush, and printmaking. In this exhibition online you'll enjoy her choice of bold primary colors to express her inner callings."
Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Creativity Corner

"The drawings, paintings photo-art manipulations and graphics of Bitten Jonsson of Germany are cheerfully displayed in his URL setting. Pegasus happily awards Jonsson a bronze award to honor his perceptions of nature. Of particular beauty is his art form of various animals.." Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet Skye Live! - Celtic Music listing

Lists the gigs of Scottish & Irish bands, wherever they play worldwide. Site updated daily with gig information received from the bands and musicians involved. Based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
"Webmaster Tom Fox provides an excellent service for the conseiurs of Scottis and Irish Celtic music. His site layout is clean and interesting wish flash to keep the visual interest. Tom, we amire your web building skills and will happily return for updates in the information you send to cyber world." Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Ask the OBGYN

Free medical information for women of all ages.
"What a great resource for ladies searching for medical information. Dr. Tara Solomon founded this interesting yet informational site that will undoubtedly be of much help for women everywhere. James Saylor, we applaud your design efforts!" Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure

This site displays the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through orignal detailed photography and rich text.
"An super educational and artistic spot to learn more aobut the National historic treasures of North Carolina. Thke photographs enhance the services to the viewer and assist in the over all educational process adding extra beauty. We happy award webmaster Janice I. Magro our Bronze Pegasus award!" Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Treasure Trove

"In a word? CUTE! A fun site to gather some all time favorite flash applets along with some new achievements in applet entertainment as well. Toss in some karaoke and you'll be singing a new song, family fun with some great ideas for play time, web or otherwise!" Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Kaketoe Planet

"Connie Rozenberg's informational site about Cockatoos is fun, interesting and a happy visit for those interested in raising these great birds. This site straight from the Netherlands is entertaining and has a sweet use of flash. Enjoy!"
Won the Bronze Web Award.