Art Award Winners


bullet Linda Hoen Media Art

This site features work of and gives information about Dutch media artist Linda Hoen. Her work consists of digital paintings and video art (samples available in realvideo). "Linda, your art is great, then lo and behold very unique web designs. Your work is fantabulous either way you direct and channel it." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Gallery of Vickimess

"Vicki, your art is just mind blowing! We wanted to stay all day and absorb every pixel of it, but alas, it was time to move on down the web. We've book marked it for later, it's such nice eye candy!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet treecity

A webmaster's homepage from England featuring Flash technology. Ideas, demos, fact sheets and free resources for your Flash designs. Innovative and colour customisable interface. Award winning digital art galleries and also a World's Top Award program. "Just beyond belief, Rob! What a talent you are and how much fun this site was to find! Your work should be in our faces each morning when we rise so that we can smile! It's just marvelous!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet The Sugar Shop

My site has graphics and other things for people to use on their website. All for FREE! "Mandee! We want to be just like you when we grow up! You have such a natural talent for web art and design. I just can't imagine your work, by the time you are......ahem.....our ages. Please stick with this, you have a lot of ability! WOW!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Christmas Tales

Original Christmas stories and poems. New, funny lyrics for some of the old holiday classic carols. "Becci, makes me wish we had some Christmas lay out to do after finding your site! The images are profoundly unique, refreshing and add a zest to the thought of the calendar hitting December again. Unbelievable art!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Alphatech Graphic Design

Catering for large and small business as well as non commercial enterprises with regards to customized graphic design, logo design and/or website development. "Jason, this is some to the most outstanding original art we've seen in some time. It's snappy, colorful, entertaining imaginative and full of wondrous energy!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Online Art

Free step by step online painting demonstrations, help with basic techniques, art book reviews and examples of my art. "Jason, you are a unique and outstanding artist. You perspective is impeccable and understanding of light adds even more to the beauty of your work. Just fabulous!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet BlackHole (FM)

Finnish Abstract Art. "Ismo your site design is lovely. It's simple, not overwhelming and pleasing to the eye. Easy to navigate, we really enjoyed our visit." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet The World in Bryce

Bryce 3D, Galerie, stuff, downloads, links, webdesign und grafik, macromedia webdesign, Awardvergabe - Awards! "Gabriela, your site is astoundingly attractive. We so enjoyed the way you share with viewers. What an attractive resource, a delight to have judged." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet House of Blue Rain

"Jon your art is enlightening to the Universe around us. We found it so refreshing and such a nice surprise. What a lovely addition to the world of the Internet. It's great!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet THREE WIRE Aviation Photography

Airshow photography of military and civilian performers with focus on quality in composition and artistic merit. "Steven, our photographers on the judging committee tell us how difficult aviation photography is. Your site is astounding with marvelous illustration and design. The photos are tip top quality and truly a pleasure to experience." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Global Nutrition - Chitosan

Chitosan Germany with a lot of information (nutrition tips, workout, fitness and more) Available in 5 versions (4x Flash + Html). "Such a nice inviting site for your nutritional products! The colors and graphics are outstanding! It's soothing to the eye and very attractive. Art and concepts worth gold, no doubt." Won the Gold Web Award.


Wood and cement sculpture art by Jeff Yielding "What a delight to find some sculpture, Jeff. Your work is so honest and has a lovely sense of geometric essence and flow. Your site shows it well, too, beautifully done, never taking away from showing your sculpture, itself." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Pencil Drawings by J. D. Hillberry

Extremely detailed pencil drawings by award winning artist J. D. Hillberry. Includes original artwork and reproductions with themes such as western, still-life, family, trompe l'oeil and others. On-line tutorial and drawing technique book available. "Mr. Hillberry, the moods you convey in your art are mindboggling. The depth in your artistic vision is really good with an excellent comprehension of light. Your work is primo!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Surreal Graphics and Awards

Surreal Graphics and Awards is a site dedicated to web visuals. Features a gallery of digital and traditional graphics created by the webmaster/artist. Internal resources include beginners and advanced tutorials on creating award graphics. Also, free web graphics and pre-made award graphics are available. "Outstanding site with a lot of resources and help for those in interested in web design. Tom, your art is exciting, strong and has a lovely presence. We are pleased to present you with our gold award." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Far East Music

Far East Music is the biggest on-line source of information about the music in the eastern part of Russia. It consists of the following sections: web pages of the local bands and artists; sound recording studios; history of rock-n-roll in the Far East; photo gallery; MP3 archive; legendary people of the Far East rock scene; traditional rockers¦ games; huge mass media archive; gallery of paintings of local artists and many other materials about music and the rock-n-roll trivia of the Far East. "One of the most unusual, attractive web sites we've ever seen. Well worth a look. It's beautifully done! All web surfers should take a look, it's truly gold deluxe." Won the Gold Web Award.


Personal site of a 15-year old aspiring graphic artist and web site designer; done in Flash 5. "Mary your site says, "youngest web designer to design a site alone that has won 5 world top awards" according to award statistics v5 & v6. Well we'd like to an a gold award to those. Your art and web design are so shockingly gorgeous that we've decided we want to be just like you when we grow up! ;) Bravo! Three, no FOUR cheers to you, Mary!" Won the Gold Web Awards.

bullet Whiteoyster Art

Modern art gallery and painting studio with oils on canvas,drawings and prints. "Richard your art has influences which are clearly those of several great masters but your expressions are obviously all your own. We find your site, your talent, a garden party for the mind!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet creationart

My own gallery and free actions, brushes, filters, information. "Refreshing, tantalizing, multitalented art, Haitham! To put it mildly we were very impressed with your techniques, mastery and pure talent." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Bissell Aerial Photography

Bissell Aerial Photography was developed as a broadband marketing tool for clients worldwide. Based on their target audience (mainly corporate clients), James Bissell and his team decided to keep his images at the highest quality possible, which causes the site to load slower, but creates a beautiful experience. We hope you agree! "This arial photography site is wonderful. It's very different in design, yet simple enough not to take away from the photography product. It's exciting!" Won the Gold Web Award.


Dedicated to the shameless promotion of digital fine art and its artists. "A lovely site to catch some great digital artists. The artists are highlighted well, the layout is good and we surely enjoyed it, any art enthusiast will find a pot of Gold here. Great site!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Nuance - Nakajima Miya

I am a Japanese painter/illustrator. So many people gave me applause saying my website is very beautiful and easy to look at. Of course it has English /Japanese version. "Excellent site of Japanese painter/illustrator, Nakajima Miya. The colors are very attractively done, the style very interesting. We enjoyed this one tremensely, a must see!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Computer Fractal Art and Psychic Readings

Original representational and abstract fractal art, wonderful to look at, created on the computer using the mathematics of infinity. A special artwork, a painting in light, and psychic reading can be created especially for you. A proud Aotearoa New Zealand site. "Merren you create a new and glistening universe with your fractal art. It takes one in to an interesting journey. Nice!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet The Inventory

Flash based online art gallery showcasing young neopop painters in entertaining, easy to use gallery format. "What a fabulous way to display various works of art! The art itself is dramtic, yet extremely simple in most cases, termed neopop by the site designer. The simplicity is super and we've never viewed such a display... Great! One of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" displays that are amazing." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet A V Direct

Flash based site which is very visally appealing and easy to use, for an Audio Visual company, to display equipment, services and pricelist. "In two words, nice, site! Well worth a visit. Smooth to the eye and the design is simplistic joy." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Hipnosis

Hipnosis is a nonprofit arts group dedicated to supporting and promoting the cultural scene in New Jersey. "Way cool site for the arts scene of various modalities. Wonderful! It's attractive, pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and just downright fun! We got lost in it for quite a while!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Risa Rosine

The art of Risa Rosine (paintings/photos/loms and fractales). "Eclectic modern design that is full of energy and suprises. An art form developed from a great imagination, showing art that is inquiring." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Photon

"Magnificent flow and design, highlighting equally magnificent photographic art. Thomas they way you capture and use light is transcends to the higher realms." Won the Gold Art & Creativity Awards.

bullet Fabiana Kofman - Pinturas

Art site of the Argentinian Fabiana Kofman, she takes you to her world of realistic paintings, inspiration, fantasy and light. Maidens, dolphins, interiors, Greece, angels, and more. Spanish and english versions. "Have you ever gone to a site and from the moment you entered your mouth dropped open but never closed, the entire time at that site? That's what happened here, a rare and happy occurance and for that we bestow, in a most unusual manner, both the PAG art and site awards in GOLD! WOW, Fabiana!" Won the Gold Art & Web Awards.