Art Award Winners

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bullet Jim's Digital Art Showcase

A personal website showcasing original digital art works.
"ORIGINAL is the thought for this art. Jim says, "I dabbled in digital 3D art and modeling since 1998. My original involvement was through accident, having acquired the Asymetrix Web 3D software as part of a web publishing software suite I had purchased." All we can add to that is MY HEAVENS! What a happy accident! A must see." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet ArtOslo Gallery

From Norway, we feature young and talented Scandinavian artists in the fields of sculpture and painting.
"The collective works of Scandinavian artists from Norway. Innovative and at times full of humor and outright amusing, the site features sculpture and paintings. The URL itself is simple, pure yet outstanding. The art is well worth the visit and makes us wish we had the opportunity for a quick visit to the "Land of the Midnight Sun". Oh what glorious and interesting work this is! These young artists are full of VISION!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet tad / web design & computer art

Extensive use of Flash & DHTML technology for a web designer's on-line showreel free desktops downloadable free marketing tools.
"Utterly fascinating is the only way to begin a description of this amazing site. Enrico Tomaselli shows us vital new ways to animate and use flash effectively for web sites. There are also some amazing computer generated graphics and images. A walk on the wild side with talent, talent, talent! tad graphic design and computer art shows us all there is so much to learn in this medium. Heck with this site and the talent shown, the sky is the limit!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet - The Best of Indian Art

The online gallery of art from India. Over 1000 paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, traditional, and religious artifacts from India. Buy online from the ever changing and ever increasing galleries. Free artist signup and free gifts for the art lover and enthusiasts. A profitable affiliate program for all those intrested in making money and adding value to their websites.
"A very enjoyable online gallery of various forms of art out of India. Some of the items shown include paintings, sculptures, crafts and traditional as well as spiritual art from India. A plethora of interesting visions from a painstakingly gathered circle of the probable best. Rohan Suchanti, the sites Webmaster should be hailed for such an effort, the outcome and art shown is just magnificent. What a cultural exchange pleasure! " Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Bildergalerie Regina Zahl

"Berlin born artist, Regina Zahl's Oilpaintings and drawings bring a sense of mystery and style to artists' work online. Her nudes are tastefully done yet she is so kind as to mention them prior to viewing for those who are offended by such. We liked them because they are shadowy in just the right places." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Joseph Dosio - Contemporary Artist/Sculptor

"Contemporary and outstanding NY artist, Joseph Dosio contributes a new feeling with his sculptures. He also does art forms of sculptures paintings and furniture design reminiscent of the forties and fifties. One of his most interesting concepts is the recycling of old metal items to make art, they are truly one of kinds. His web site, also done by this provocative artist is very simple but pure ZEN at it's finest. A great spot to visit to see art you can truly admire." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Jordi V Pou, Photographer

"Abstract black and white photography is basically a lost art. We think you'll enjoy the interesting art of Spanish artist, Jodi V. Pou. Modernistic and thought provoking, Jordi's art is delightfully NOT your basic greeting card thought but imagery from every day life that is under Pou's microscopic view of the Universe. And what a view it is! We can well imagine that Jordi is called upon often as this wonderful artist also does free lance work, home based in Spain. Pou has a great grasp as to how to show photographs as well, the site is very well done and lets the pictures just shine, shine, shine!." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Pastel Portraits by Christine Belanger

Canadian artist Christine Belanger creates quality portraits in soft pastels.
"Quality portraiture is hard to come by, and in this department, Christine Belanger is a true find. Her style is unique with out loosing any detail. She works with pastels and sometimes combines colored pencils with them, some of her work is done from photograph originals. Belanger is showing the world that portraits are still something to yearn for, let alone appreciate. Great work, Christine, we present our Pegasus Gold award to you for your outstanding contributions to the art community."
Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Craig Robertson Online Gallery

A selection of contemporary paintings, drawings, portraits, digital art and photography from this visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
"A master of vision, Craig Robertson is multi-talented in a variety of media including portrait work, digital art and photography. You'll find his work a delight to the spirit with detail that will keep you interested. Robertson's composition is outstanding. We found his art a flight of fantasy that warmed our souls. It is with great pride we award Craig both our Gold award and our special award for Creativity not only due to the individual work he's done but as well due his is multiple talents! WOW!" Won the Gold Art Award.


"Webmaster Zlatka Adilovic has done a wondrous job in the design of Adliovic Web. The efforts for his flash and graphic design are particularly notable and make this a must stop. Adilovic's commercial work is nicely done and very appealing. We applaud you Zlatka and send best wishes for every success in your obviously shiny future." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Voice Interactiv

Encourages women and youth survivors of violence to use the arts and media as tools toward ending the cycle of violence in their lives.
"One of the most expressive examples to public service and artistic help for human good we've ever seen. is an outlet for women and children, including teens, to use art as healing following violence The site targets survivors who exhibit their own art and chronicles transformations as victims find strength through other art forms such as dance and music. It also highlights an award winning documentary film done for healing and an interactive web scene that is described as a cross between a television series and an online e-zine. Truly an unbelievable sample of profoundly good web design in combination with a cause the world should have eradicated by now. Get your bookmarkers ready, you'll be back for more and more, we promise! STUPENDOUS!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art

Anita Putman's pen and ink renderings of pets and wildlife. Offers original art, prints and pet portrait commissions.
"Anita, your art is fabulous! You capture the essence of animals with a most amazing style. What a pleasure to take a look at your creations, may you contine with your great success and marvelous renditions of gorgeous loving creatures." Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet The art of Atman Victor

Spanish artist, Atman Victor presents surreal, fantasy and sci-fi art for all tastes. Come in and enjoy it!
"Atman, your computer art is some of the very best. Your ability to capture and manipulate your feelings and insights are superb! Congratulations, we happily award you the Gold award from Pegasus. We also with great pride award you our presitgous Creativity award for oustanding talent beyond compare to many!." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet De Digitale Galerie

Dutch Art workshop, The Heygraeff presents to outsiders, art from mentally handicapped people.
"Ron what a happy concept and such an honor to judge your fine artisians! It is with great price we award you the Gold award from Pegasus. You site brings treasures to the world and we are happy to see you recognize such great talent with fine gifts." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Pixelshoots by Stefan Kindermann

Portfolio of digital photography by German artist, Stefan Kindermann.
"An oustanding site from an artist whose time has time! Stefan Kindermann's photography done in digital format is one of the freshest approaches we've seen for some time! What a pleasure to award these images both our Gold award and our Creativity award for oustanding work which is a delight to see. We hated to leave the site!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Sternland

Sternland....takes you closer to the stars Website of the German company Stellar Embassy International There are several flash-versions (flash4, flash5, pop-up) + html-version.German and English.
"Beyond outstanding! This is a must see site for anyone who appreciates gorgeous, innovative web work done in an approach that is totally captivating! WOW! We were just, to put it mildly, "blown away' by this site! Work beyond fabulous! Webmaster Inge Preiss is a genius and it shows. Go there, yourself and enjoy a Universe that will take you away for a while. It's soothing, insiteful and just plain BRAVO work and art! Oh my!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet GressieArt

A site about the Dutch painter Gabriel Gressie.
"How many ways can one spell G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S? At Gabriel Gressie's site you can and it's worth the voyage. Startlingly pretty art on a site designed with a style that will take you on a voyage for as long as you like. We all agreed we'd like to be THIS GOOD with art and design when we grow up! Breathtaking! A sure fire site to book mark! We think you'll agree with our Gold award and our Creativity award, this site has an energy all it's own!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet The Authorized Graham Nash Site

A child safe and user friendly site dedicated to Graham Nash. Graham was a founder member of both The Hollies and Crosby, Stills and Nash.
"A music web presence to warm the cockles of the very soul. Fans of musician and all time great Graham Nash will delight to the style and information about this all time great. Even the next generation will learn more about this music legend in an attractive and informational design. It's so full of energy we just wanted to hang around and see if it rubbed off a bit! An obvious traffic stopper with success and acclaim to boot! Webmaster, Brian Garnett's dedication is obvious."
Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet D N A

Artistic Site of Dragan Milinkovic and Nikola Kitanovic with their art design, paintings, poems, digital art, industrial desing and home of D N A Award Program.
"With one of the cutest thumb nail approaches we've ever seen the artistic site of Dragan Milinkovic and Nikola Kitanovic is full of eye candy art! Their talent is extraordinary and you'll find yourself sending a link to make sure friends get a peak at this wondeful site! Art that will capture your attention for times to come."
Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet A Major Production: The Floral Photography of Alice Major

Flowers are my passion. Their sculptural splendor, mathematical perfection, and seductive sensuality inspire such wonder, and their beauty fills me with a joy so overflowing, that it seeks to spill into the world through personal interpretation.
"Straight and to the point, you will NEVER see flowers in the same way after seeing the art or Alice Major! These photographs and computer imagery are are insurrection of the vision of the art world today. Alice's brilliance is localized in an expression of passion and soul. They are commercial, innovative and a meditation to be SURE to experience! Super! We loved 'em! We hated to leave this site and go back to the real world." Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Paint at Play

The online gallery of Forrest James Kaiser. Includes recent and select older works.
"Playfully delicious are the great art works of Forrest "Frosty" Kaiser. You'll find yourself feeling priveledged to peek in and see this great art! A dramatic presentation for us in a world that needs more interpretations such as these! Lovelt6! There is no repression, here, Kaiser sings to the world in this mindful, mouthwatering art!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet JMdesign

"Webmaster and designer, Jerry Magni shows us that there is just no limit to the imagination when working with flash. His concepts and ideas are powerfully interesting as he entertains us with flowing and enticing work. What a pleasure!" Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet L. Martine Photography

An online photo gallery of Limuel Swanson, a freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia
"Webmaster Limuel "Limmy" Swanson has done an oustanding job at capturing and enhancing the fine quality photographic images of Australian, Limuel Swanson of L. Martin Photography. These photographs are a sight to behold with both color and black and white shots that are crisp, clean and create a mood extraordinaire! Swan's photos show a born ability to understand composition, his work is full of spirit with an eye to capture a moment in our fast fleeing world. GRrrrrrrreat work! OHhhhhhhhh yesssssss!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Peadar McDaid - Celtic Artwork

"Irish artist Peader Mc Daid keeps alive the marvelous essence of Celtic art! His sensivity shows in his breath taking images that are a delight to view and haunted one of our judges for hours. He is fantastic! You'll be glad you were pointed to his fine vision and enjoy the breadth of his soul Mc Daid is a one of a kind kind of visionary and we happily award him our best, nothing better for for Mc Daid but the GOLD! Peader your imagination has wings!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Linda's Art Gallery

Portrait Artist Specializing in Equine Art by Linda Eisenbeil.
"Starting her passion in art just five short years ago, Linda Eisnebeil gives us hope that others out there might have hidden talents just waiting to become unearthed! Oh what a delight! Linda specializes in Equine portrait art, however her wildlife, florals and historically fictional type portraitures are an energy all their own. They draw the viewer in to the time period lost in the moment. Linda you are truly an inspiration!" Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet DracoBlu

DracoBlu is the symbolist art and writing of Susanne Iles, devoted to dragon mythology, spirituality and sacred art.
"The art and writing of Canadian, Susanne Iles are featured in a web site designed by Pat Byrne. Illes is surely on the way to becoming one of the great contemporary artists of our time. We said "contemporary"? Well bear in mind that Susanne features such ancient imagery as those of the Great Serpent, Roman draco, Welsh draig, Nordic ormr, Armenian vishap, Chinese lung, Indian naga and the ancient Uroboros. She particuraly enjoys the dragon, too showing us how it has influenced culture, folklore, ritual and myth. She brings the old to the new, making her art a rebirth to the honor of ages of old, kissing the pasts of time and making a Universe renewed." Won the Gold Web Award.


"Christopher Cookson, or "Raingem" the name he uses when he's working at his artistic vibration carries a message in spirit from the higher realms. His art is inspired and we are willing to believe any one in the art community will continue to hear a lot about him. The feeling of a lot of his work is contemporary and yet we see clues of techniques and appreciation of the great masters. Not to be confused, he definitely has a style of his own and we suspect he'll live to be one of those great legends." Won the Gold Art Award.