Art Award Winners

Silver & Bronze Winners

bullet Shadows Series

A site I designed to feature my Shadows series of poems. "Lynda, it was so nice to find your poetry submitted to us as art, as after all, it surely is! You have a nice site with a concept to match your writing and dreams. It took us to a world that was lovely!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Dawn Dunlap Graphics Artist

"Dawn your art is a blessing waiting for people to find. It's delightful, clean, ethereal and spiritual combined. A wonderful mood lifter!" Won the Silver Art Award.


A showcase of illustration and cartoons, and an online community uniting artists of all mediums in the discussion and creation of art. "Faith you have provided an excellent outlet for cartoon and general artists online. It's interesting, innovative and fun!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet B8 Graphics & Web Design

Unique linkware & purchaseware graphics, calling cards, background tiles & custom web design. "Andrea your art design is pretty! Your color choices are outstanding and the moods you create with your creativity are extraordinary!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Chemical analysis

A great resource for analyst, researcher... with dinamyc news updated by a specialist. "Denis, we really enjoyed your eye appealing site. It's a pleasure to see such nice design that is so complementary to the content of a site. Well done! Chelab must be very proud of you." Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Mythical Ireland

Mythical Ireland explores the Irish Stone Age in the context of astronomy and mythology, and demonstrates how the ancient people were confidently able to predict solar and lunar events, and were well aware of the great cosmic cycles such as the Metonic Cycle of the Moon and Precession of the Equinoxes. "Anthony your side is glorious! We were so enthralled we could have spent days there, in fact we've bookmarked it to go back. It has so much to offer, is attractive, entertaining and VERY educational!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Eyejam

Art that combines traditional and digital techniques. Abstracts, psychologically potent images and photo based work. "David your art is very distinctive. Interesting, eye-catching, and different are other words that come to mind. Thanks for sending this innovative work to judge, what a pleasure." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet is the ultimate hobby site for women. Featuring historical accounts, projects, patterns, supplies and much more for the hobbies that women enjoy! "Charlie what a super haven you have created for the artistically and crafting inclined. It has so much to offer, it's so nicely done, and so attractive! Just a great web site, and those are not always easy to find!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Nikola Kitanovic

Nikola Kitanovic, poet, novelist, fashion and web designer, present his work, life and award program. "An intensely emotional site, Nikola, you express yourself well in a variety of mediums, your writing, your art and your web design. We just couldn't walk away without awarding you both the PAG art and web design awards. A rare phenomenon to earn both, you have done, so!" Won the Silver Art & Web Awards.

bullet Matthew Bates Firenze Collection

I am an artist seeking to capture life's moments on canvas. I bring every technique I know to build a paintings. I start with an idea and through photography, computer programs, and sheer imagination, the idea takes form until, on the canvas, it looks like it does in my head. "Matthew, now and then we are left a bit speechless from artistic beauty. One word: Bravissimo!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Nghiem 3D

2d and 3d artworks. "Ngheim, what a master you are at digital art! We were very impressed with your images and found the feeling of your work just fascinating! What a delight." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet rawPAINT is the on-line gallery of the contemporary abstract painter, F. Michael Wells. His work is eclectic, challenging, stimulating, colorful, mystical, sensuous, painterly, significant and affordable. Real-space visits to his San Francisco Bay Area artist's live/work Studio are encouraged. "Michael, your promotional material describes your work as, "eclectic, challenging, stimulating, colorful, mystical, sensuous, painterly, and significant". The word "painterly amused us. You know what though? We could have said nothing better ourselves about your dynamic art work!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet The Cat Gallery

Cat art parody of Famous Artists' Cats. See how the world's great artists might have been inspired to portray their own cats, and why. Original paintings, prints, and free cat art Internet greeting cards. And meet the models for my paintings. "Eve, how we wish more artists could bring such delightful smiles to the faces of the world! Your are is utterly delightful! Meow!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Official Website of Gordon Graydon

Our site is run by a group of 7 students, headed by myself. We display student work, as well as information about the school and activities being run in it. It is updated every morning with out announcements. As well we offer a discussion board for the use of our students. "Hard to believe this is a student site. You all have a great future ahead of you. Ryan you have obviously guided this team well and we are very proud of it. Surely you feel the same. We are happy to present you with our Silver Award! Well done, well done!!!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Art Gallery - Lars Stounberg

The artist Lars Stounberg exposing his watercolor and gouache painting "We so enjoyed your art, Lars. We are proud to present you with a PAG Silver award for your shining example to the world. What beauty!" Won the Silver Art Award.


A gallery that celebrates the surrealistic landscapes of my mind using oils, acrylics, water colors, colored pencils, computer graphics. "So multitalented, Karen - you have a way with several art mediums! How expressive. Art like this is not found every day, what a treat to the psyche." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Susan Savad's Gallery

A collection of my recent paintings using alkyds. The subject of my paintings are suburban landscapes of scenes from my neighborhood. "Susan, your paintings are peaceful, full of grace and so often emphacise the ownder of nature. We applaud your talent!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Phillip Dewar Photography

A collection of photographs, I have taken over the last few years in Australia and the US. "Phillip, your eye for composition and color is good. We so much enjoyed your photography site and think everyone should plan a stop there." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet The State Of The Art, Gutierrez De Velasco Fernando

Spanish artist living in Italy. Modern and Classic oil paintings, mixed media, sculptures, old master copy and more. "Gutierrez, your art and site both are special. Your talent is extraordinary and a light shining among us." Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Gatorman's Themes

Custom desktop themes for your Windows based PC. "Making your personal computer ... Personal!" "Super site for custom desk top themes! The art, graphics, and photography for these is just incredible! Well done, Dave!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Orchid Designs By Eileen

The site is dedicated to hand-painted needlepoint canvases of the beautiful "flavors" of the orchid. All paintings are originals, prepared by Eileen herself! "How nice to find a differernt art form in the needle point designs by Eileen. They are pretty, with great depth, attractive colors and lot of hard work in them. Delightful!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Through the eyes of Adam Deal...

A look at the life and work of Adam Deal. "Adam's photographs are unique, thought provoking have great texture, and are great in design. We liked them a lot and found a visit to view them is very enjoyable!" Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Dubravka Jovicic Official Site

"Unique and entertaining site. We present you with our PAG silver web award for the unique design, the essence and the great content of your Dubravka Jovicic Official Site. What an honor Dubravka must find to see this site!" Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Poetic Visions

Poetic Visions takes you on a thoughtful journey through the use of art and poetry. "Lynda, your site is a delightful harmonic blend of artistic expression. It shows your spirit and soul are beautiful!" Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet amasworld

A very entertaining presentation of my paintings. "Jan, you have some very lovely art on your site. It's radiant, charming, spiritual, and a lot of fun! Keep up the good work, your audience, we're sure would love more!" Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet School of Taekwon-Do, Singapore

The first and only site in South East Asia to date, to collate and bring Traditional Taekwon-Do to the Masses via the Internet in South East Asia in particular Singapore. It is the only totally dedicated site on ITF in South East Asia. "Mr. Wong your web site is informative, interesting, and does a fine job presenting the School of Taekwon-Do in Singapore. We were very intrigued with it and enjoyed it immensely." Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Masters Digital Design

Primary focus is the 'Featured Sites' section, which serves as a reference to art on the web, both traditional and computer generated. "Bev, your site is just as cute as can be! Your honesty and eager zest to learn are one of the finest assets you have demonstrated. We can well imagine a lovely future for the artistic side of you." Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Neo Matrix

Free web graphics, gallery & store. All graphics are original & created by Matrixx "Matrixx, nice art! Mixed mediums in one image are interesting. You've put a lot of work in to these and we feel they are great, ready to be awarded. Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet Victoria's Art

This site is my way of being able to share my art with others. I would like to sell pieces from my site, but that is not it's main purpose. The site's main purpose is bring art into the world. "Victoria your art is a wonderful mirror to your moods, your talent and your love of your fellow humans. It's very unique." Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet Foxy & Mackenzie's Little Web Kingdom

Beautiful cat photos and graphics. Art by Sonia. Helpful list of links to pet information sites, including pet food, pet health, pet supplies, and other pet related sites. Awards and cat photo contests. "Sonia your photographs are darling! They are visually sharp, expressive and fun to look at. Keep up the good work!" Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet Inn of the Mountain Gods

A place where the Gods and Goddess of Old show off what little magick we have left in the forms of art, writing and general mayhem. "Azariah, this is a nice site. You have hightlighted well, several art forms and we really enjoyed our stay. Some nice samples of talent are displayed here! Great!" Won the Bronze Art Award.

bullet snowtrails

"This is a very different site showing the gorgeous attirbutes of the Alaskan malamute. What a magnificent dog and you've highlighted them well with the great design of your site!" Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet Kennel Chicola

"Laila, this site is just cute, cute cute! Your dogs are lovely and your art work showing and displaying them is obviously done with tender loving care." Won the Bronze Web Award.

bullet By Katia

"Katia, a lovely site with so much feeling in it! It's really pretty! You have a lot of work in this and it shows! We admired your web designs, too!" Won the Bronze Web Award.