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Biographical Sketch of Mary Larsson

Mary Larsson became interested in photography as a child when her paternal Grandfather would send photos to the family. He'd taken them during his visits and would send them clear across the country from his very own dark room after he printed them himself. Mary would run to the mail box to wait for their arrival and relished seeing them. She enjoyed each nuance contained in the photos along with the difference in the printing that the home dark room showed compared to commercial prints.

Years later during Mary's modeling and acting career, she met and married a Dallas photographer. Eventually Mary picked up a camera and began shooting photographs herself, with no dress rehearsal on her part. At one point Mary worked both in modeling and acting through the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas and as an area photographer all at the same time. She tells us, "I didn't know if I needed my modeling portfolio for an interview or a camera bag for photography, let alone a make up bag, so all of them were often in the car, ready to go."

One of Mary's fortes was photographing her peers. She felt she knew just what the Dallas models and actors needed to market themselves. In fact she did one of the earliest versions of what is now known as "make-overs" as she did all the hair, make up and photography in all of her shots. Soon Mary was called upon quite often for these promotional photographs. Her commardery and happiness shows in her subjects in this series of Mary's works. Her clients say they had fun during these sessions and that few understood what Mary seemed to have a natural instinct for, having worked on both sides of the camera.

Pegasus Art Gallery is proud to announce that you can now enjoy the works of Mary Larsson, no matter what side of the camera you choose to see her.

Mary currently resides in West Texas. She continued with various careers, first as a radio DJ, then radio News Director for several stations, then in television news as senior reporter and later as Chief Executive Officer of a nonprofit organization.


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