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 Art Resources
  WWWriters: We do it WRITE for You!
Superb writing of all kinds: business, general, research, website content. Graphic art, web design. From proposals and reports to web copy and research studies. E-learning content, curriculum development.
Contemporary art and artists of the Mediterranean island of Ibiza under one roof. Simple access to the art and the artists of Ibiza for all art lovers and collectors.
  Scribble! - resources for the colored pencil artist
Here you can find other cp artist's web sites, galleries, and web rings. You can view cp artwork, visit our Artist of the Month, buy the latest cp book and supplies, or post a message on the bulletin board and more!
  Craft Site Directory- Art Galleries
Guide to arts galleries on the internet.

  Francesco Boretti artwork
The art of Francesco Boretti. Come and enjoy.
  Manfred Landauer
Art to feast your eyes with.
  Marianne Mölgård
Wonderful art by a Pegasus member.
  Visions Galleries
Mystical art to inspire you, entrance you, and assist you in meditation and visualization.
  Galerie d'art visionaire Patrick DeLorme
je me laisse guider par des visions que je vois dans ma peinture et qui sorte d'elle même, vision du passé spirituel ou du futur
  The Fine Art of Lawrence G. Hall
Fine art in oil and acrylics, still life realism and more, 3 galleries and awards program.
  CelticMoon's Playroom
Fantasy & mythology art, graffiti & deep thoughts, website resources, odds & ends, games & freebies
  3-D Wildlife Art in Leather
Wildlife portraits hand carved and embossed in leather, including custom made frames.
  Mark Acraman's Sketchbook
A humble collection of pencil drawings and sketches from my various sketchbooks. Drawing is just a hobby of mine, but a chance to share your art with others is always a good thing...
A colorful site of visual art and poetry, both expressing emotions through images and words.
  Art For The Millennium
Paintings, drawings and relief sculpture from the "Lifethread Series" meant to acknowledge that we are interdependent, uniquely different and uniquely the same. Gold leaf emphasizes the value of life and our link to the future..
  Águila´s Art Page
Creating multidimensional art works converts this artist in a master of the 3rd millenium
  Portraits by Maddy Swan in Fine Colour Pencil
My speciality is beautiful portraits of children, adults and pets, drawn in colour pencil. I also use pastel, watercolour and oil.
  Venus - the artist
Venus -the artist, is a site about the truth in me and around me! Freedom of speech, thought and action was my dream and the dream came true!!!
  Irene Bates Studio
Contemporary visual artist working in oil, gouache and watercolor. Subjects are people, animals, abstract images
  Peter Shulman Gallery
Fine Artist Peter Shulman. Over 100 of his well know paintings in a gallery format.
  Lori Pendenza Pottery
Smoke-Fired Pottery. Burnished clay vessels with post fire reduction techniques.
  Clear: Oil Paintings & Watercolors by Deanna Clear
Highly imaginative oil & watercolor paintings which portray the essence of subjects without straying too far from the natural & beautiful. Myth, dream, religion & stylized nature studies are favorite subjects.
  David Linton Gallery
An online gallery showcasing the art of David Linton. Mediums used are watercolor, pastels, pen and ink. Childrens themes, cityscapes, lighthouses, skylines, seascapes, cards and posters.
  Color Pencil Artwork by Karen Cardinal
Galleries of original color pencil portraits and fantasy artwork. Also includes FREE postcards and calenders as well as advice and a step by step art lesson.
  Josey Pandora Box
Art, sketching,clipart.
  James Bayer Studio/Gallery
Images of the American West; western artist; oil painting; limited edition prints (signed and numbered); cowboy and cowgirl western art, south west art; cowboy artist, cattle, western action and western life style.
  Sally Platte's Colored Pencil Art Site
I am a colored pencil artist and work in a realistic style. Although some of my favorite subjects are animals and flowers, my specialty is portraiture.
  Genius at Work
T.O'Ruairc's collection of original artwork and celtic paintings. Artists add your link.
  Fantasy Dreams Exotic Bedheads
Unique resin sculpture, exotic timbers and fine paintings combines with designer home furnishings to create these exotic bedheads.
Original prints - etchings,mezzotints,aquatints,drypoints. Watercolors and drawings. Fantasy,surreal and a little bit of realism.
  Artwork - Patricia Jane St. John Danko
Patricia Jane St. John Danko is a visual artist who creates paintings,drawings, sculpture, and masks, as well as original prints in serigraphy,etching, lithography, and woodcut. She works in acrylic, oil, and mixed media. While a motif of rope imagery permeates her aesthetic, her work depicts the interplay between art and culture, focusing on iconographic fusions and the unbroken, if often unrecognized, continuum of symbolic representations that have come down from ancient humanity to our present day so.
  Welcome to Tucker's Studio
Painting is my passion, I paint about life, the world, and the people in it. I work in oils, on canvas, visit my studio and view the world through my eyes.
  Original Oils by Carol
Original oils painted for a great depth and true feeling of texture.
  Arlette Steenmans Exhibition
Presentation of over 100 paintings by Arlette Steenmans (Puimichel, France) with the biography of the artist and an introduction of her watercolor painting courses in Southern France.
  I. Chuzhikov - world artist from RUSSIA
The exhibition featuring this artist from RUSSIA. All work are executed in alive manner of performance, and are masterpieces of world art.
  Crowcastles Fine Art
Pen and Ink drawings by Odice Luman with links to the gallery and wildlife. Soon look for Artists with Depression and other discussions on the new site.
  Julia's Art Path Paintings
Selling original fine art paintings done in mixed media on canvas with sculptural and textural effects in a 3 dimensional format. Paintings incorporate spiritual and metaphysical concepts.
  Rado Vleugel Art
Intriguing art of the surrealistic Dutch painter Rado Vleugel. His paintings are reflective and leave something to think or dream about.
  Roberto Oberti contemporary art - Art gallery
Contemporary art of artist Roberto Oberti
  Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Professional wildlife and fantasy paintings and illustrations by Rebecca Kemp.
  My Monochrome World
Monochrome, fine art, glamour, ADS and other photographs made by Yaroslav Ogorodnyk.
Read all about Ole Ziger. His exhibitions, his paintings, his life. Home Biography Gallery Exhibitions Contact Links.Awards.Fellow Artists.
  The Virtual Art Gallery GRAVURE
A selection of oil-paintings, water-colours, etchings and drawings by the Dutch visual artist SYBREN DE GRAAFF with a.o. landscapes in the Himalaya's, Yemen, Brittany and Ireland.
  Elisé Savage
Elisé Savage was born in Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Scotland but now works and lives in Nottinghamshire. Elisé is a self taught artist and works in many mediums excelling in each. Her figurative and landscape work is evocative with an impressionistic approach, which reflects the artist's unusual sensitivity. Fresh understated dramatic skies or misty romantic scenes have captured art enthusiasts from all walks of life. Her mentor is the late Edward Seago. His sheer genius for capturing light, atmosphere and expression has remained a strong influence in her style of painting. Elisé has won awards for her work and many of her paintings have been reproduced as greeting cards. Her love of Tibetan Terriers of which she has six and other breeds which are a source of inspiration have been depicted in various watercolour poses and limited edition prints have been distributed throughout the U.K and abroad. Elisé has not only the ability to capture the structure and physique of her dogs but she has painted their loving spirit. Elisé Savage has spent several years in the Middle East and her paintings are held in many private collections throughout the world.
  Cera Mac Pots
Everything ceramic from tableware and sculpture to lidded vases with highfire glazes to raku.....

  Distance Learning at BellaOnline
Key resources for educators and learners on using the Internet to advance your education by Pegasus owner, June Kaminski. Articles, program profiles, shoppe, links, resources.
  Halls of Healing Intent
Courses are now offered to help you to develop your intent and manifest healing and well-being of body, mind, heart and spirit.
  Reincarnation Central Courses
Online Courses to help you to explore your past lives, past relationships, gifts, talents and needs and the lessons to apply to this lifetime. .
  CSJH Art Gallery
CSJH Gallery includes scanned images of 2-D and 3-D artwork created by students in grades 6-9. Our free postcard page features artwork from the gallery. Extensive and constantly evolving.

  Psychic Chat Site
Top quality, genuine psychics available for chatroom and email readings. This is not a 900 phone service, these people really are gifted!
  Circus World
Circus World is an imaginary circus where the clowns "run" the show. Come meet Sozo, the meanest clown around.
  00 [double zero]
A shockwave games site. A design project. A place where you can relax. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  Agora Gallery, Soho, New York
Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery - located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Portfolios are accepted for review.
  Nature Images
Indulge yourself in art.
  Sweas Art Gallery
Online art contest, guest artists.
  the Art Gallery
Art for you to enjoy and appreciate.
  Visions of Adonai Fine Arts & Design
Exquisite graphic design, superb web design, entrancing art, CD cover design, wonderful resources for the discerning web designer.
  Crowcastles Fine Art On Line Gallery
A small on line gallery dedicated to the artists in the Upper Midwestern states. The site is just beginning stages, but worth a visit to see Expressing Pen and Inks. Odice Luman exhibition. .
  NewDawn Graphics
Award winning digital artist and web designer Dawn Dunlap. Affordable art and web site design. Please feel free to browse the 3 room gallery too. .
  Harlow's Country Gallery
A photo, Graphics, Graphic Art, Photo Artistry, Lake Cards, Web Design Gallery. .
  Ron Zohar Limited Edition Digital Art
Contemporary paintings done with the aid of computer and printed by the artist in own studio. They are 13.3" X 17" Limited Edition Prints on 15" X 22" watercolor paper.
  ALCHEMIX - Web Development for Artists & Crafters
Superb online Gallery open for submissions as well as a great Web Design Service. .
ArtistsOwnRegistry and Gallery is an online arts/craft gallery with categories to suit all. We charge NO commission .Very affordable galleries. Live talk forum. Artist employment and more.
  art-netart, art network
art-netart is a contemporary art gallery, Its goal is to set up new diffusion channels - on and off line - for all contemporary forms of art creation : artistic digital images, installations, performances, art projects and traditional works.
  OK Art Gallery
OK Art Gallery is an online marketplace dedicated to the needs of independent and emerging visual artists. We help the artist promote, market, and sell their artwork to a world of fine art collectors, without the barriers of gallery walls. View stunning original works in our Gallery.
  OK Hip Art
Fine Art Exhibition and Marketplace. OK Art Gallery is an online marketplace dedicated to the needs of independent and emerging visual artists. We help the artist promote, market, and sell their work to a world of Fine Art collectors, without the barriers of gallery walls.
  Webi's Art Gallery
A gallery of realistic and impressionistic original oil paintings on canvas with many varied subjects.
  Webi's Art Gallery Page 2
A gallery of realistic and impressionistic original oil paintings on canvas with many varied subjects.
Muzart, located in historic Charlotte, TN, displays the works of realist, H.R. Lovell, Tennessee's Artist in Residence as of Jan. 1, 2001. He has been described and the Andrew Wyeth of the South, by Native American artist R.C. Gorman. Lovell works in watercolor and egg tempera. His work was exhibited at the Renassaince Center in Dickson, TN, in October 1999.
  Basil's Art
Original digital paintings. A unique interpretation of my views on color, perspective, depth, and contours. The paintings have an inner illumination, and atmospherics quality.
Alles über Kunst
  Art Gate
Alles über Kunst
  The Art Wave online art gallery
Online art gallery featuring exciting abstract paintings and sculptures
  Fine Arts Emporium
For Artists and Art Lovers!
  Wild Speculation
A gallery of wildlife, fantasy, sci-fi and new age art by many talented artists.
  Whispers in The Wind Gallery
This site is devoted to honoring Historical Native Americans in Art. The site contains exquisitely detailed images of Historical Native Americans rendered in Graphite. Some are well known, while others are not, but all are thoughtful beautiful representations of Native American ancestry in art.
  Print World
Online auctions and gallery for collectors of old and modern prints and antique maps .

  Visions of Adonai Design
Graphic design with an imaginative and unique flair. I work intimately with you to create the magical image you envision. Fantasy Portraits also available. I can put you "in" the fantasy environment that draws you. Do you see yourself as an Ancient Egyptian? In Atlantis? A Gothic mystery? Let your imagination go wild! Affordable packages.
  Star Retrieval Systems
Free quality original fonts
  Sea of Tranquility Graphic Designs
Linkware graphics-from-scratch for homepages & non-profit sites.

  DynoWomyn Web Haven
Inspirational art and articles for self development in the 21st Century. The focus is on holistic health of body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  Healing Intent
Health and Healing resources to help you accelerate your vitality, wellness and energy.... Articles, links, coaching, courses, news, reports..
  Healing Music Enterprises
Dr. Alice Cash, a clinical musicologist, performer, keynote speaker and author offers services and products to help you boost your health and aid healing using the power of music.

  My Sicily
Come and experience it.
  Rajuna's Refuge
Psychic development, mystical arts, astrology, tarot, past lives, guidework, crystal energy, etc.
Fun Free Web Site's. Download's: Midi, Mod, Prog, Pix, Sound, etc. Site's: Fantasy, Anime, Horror, Ani-Gif FUN: By The Ton. eXperience The Wonderous World Of (~Wizpot~).
  Desert Moon Profiles
Psychic guidance and insights, Medical Intuitive Readings, Astrology, Tarot, Distant Healing, Relationships, Personal Path Readings by Indigo.

 Personal Pages
  LadyFire's WebSite
Come and visit LadyFire's domain.
  Marlo's Corner
Here you will find my quote of the day, holiday interests, links to interesting sites, sound clips and other neat little things for your viewing pleasure.
  Ben Reven's Great Homepage
This page has links to chats, colleges, credit cards, email, finance, free stuff, freeware, fun, news, places, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, points programs, research, search engines, Taiwan, webpage design, surveys, shopping, money, paid to surf, music, books, travel, Internet access, and much more!

 Web Design
  Visions of Adonai Web Design
Unique and aesthetic web design for the discerning website owner. Graphic art, Flash, web templates, CD covers, personal portrait fantasy art, one of a kind designs. Fast, professional, and visionary designer. Affordable packages. Let your presence on the Web be known!
  June Kaminski, BellaOnline's Web Design Expert
Web Design tips and guidelines for beginners to professionals. The Pegasus Gallery's hostess advices you on how to create the unique web signature you desire.
  Adorn-it !
Graphic art specifically designed for websites, Theme sets, Licenseware, linkware, freeware, a monthly graphic challenge, each week:Trailing curor sets, Linkware of the week, A new Blade pro preset pack & Much more !
  Platte Productions
Web Design & Graphic Art. High quality websites at low costs to our clients. We understand the needs and protection that artists need on the web!
  WFBS Web Design
Web Design and Portfolio.

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