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I was born and raised in North Dakota. Whatever talent I possess is a god given gift. I do try hard to make the most of my talent, alot of care and attention to detail go into each piece. Bird and Animal subject matter are carefully researched for accuracy. I have a deep repect for nature, birds, wildlife and pets. That respect is the inspiration for my work.

The Ring Gallery of Sylvia Lee,
wild life artist
Alaskan Puffins
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What I try to capture in my paintings are the kind of scenes that should be preserved for all generations to come. I enjoy painting animals close up. The eyes are most important. Looking into the eyes and seeing the very soul of the animal. Kenosee Lake in Moose Mountain Provincial Park in SE Saskatchewan, is where John (my boyfriend), myself, and our 3 dogs go every spring and fall. Taking 300+ photographs of the whitetail deer over the years is where the idea came from for Brook's Meadow. One day after teh first snow fall we were crossing the bridge, John noticed the geese gliding gracefully through the almost still water, it was a beautiful site. That became "Reflections" on our fishing trip to Sitka Alaska last year, came the idea for "Puffins". I have been painting most of my life, selling originals & Limited Editions throughout the USA, England, and Canada.

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