Wildlife Art by Northern Ontario artist Margaret Clement.These are acrylic paintings done on slate rock from the pre-cambrian shield of Northern Ontario.Margaret has painted a variety of Wildlife and scenery on various sizes and shapes.These paintings on thin slate can be wall mounted or sit on a plate stand.

Two Wolves
The Ring Gallery of Margaret Clement,
a wild life artist from Canada.
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I was born in Kirkland Lake , Ontario, Canada which was a gold mining town . My family later moved to Timmins Ontario, which is another major gold mining community. I took all my schooling there . After finishing school I worked as a telephone operator and later as a cashier. I eventually married and raised four children . Later on the after children were grown I went back to work as a cosmetician for ten years.

Margaret Clement - the artist

When I left my job I decided I needed a hobby, so I turned to painting which I loved immediately. My first works were mostly done on canavas. I painted scenery , wild life , pets etc. in many different sizes.I always had a knack for drawing and doing small murals on my picture windows at Christmas with water colors. I had won an art contest when I was nine but unfortunately never pursued it. I am self taught. Most of what I learned I got from books I purchased or borrowed which I read over and over again . I have always had a love of animals so wildlife was my first choice. I am also very interested in landscapes and beautiful scenery. I also work on pencil sketching of wildlife, pets,and portraits. I`m presently reading up on colored pencils as a new medium that has caught my interest. A good surface that I paint on is natural slate , which I get from a local mine. It is a good surface to work on and I have had much success with it especially with our local mines, old houses from bygone years,widlife and pets. I have exhibited my works at the local museum , arts and craft shows, mining tours and photo studios. Our local press did a full page colored article of my works on canvas and slate. My family has been of great support by encouraging me, promoting and selling my works.They have created business cards and tags for my slates as well as slate racks , and placed my works on the enternet. I have had lots of help with photo work which goes hand in hand with art work. I spend many hours researching , reading , sketching before painting my next piece of art.

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