David Camp

I am 50 and work in the humanities department of a large university library in Madison, Wisconsin (USA). I've always felt a strong urge to create, but for much of my adult life I looked to fiction as my primary medium even though I've always known I have a better intuitive feel for visual imagery.

The Ring Gallery of David Camp
- He uses the 3D art program Bryce by MetaCreations
and Ray Dream Studio to make his digital wonders!
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It wasn't until I discovered 3D art programs in 1996 that I found a visual medium I liked. Aided by a strong math background, I've taken to this medium very quickly and have already posted over 400 works of web art that have earned me a reputation as a "renegade" 3D artist with a good feel for form and color. Much of my work also has mystical undertones people like. It is my goal in both my writing and art to touch the consciousness within.

The artist says: "One of the things I like about computer art is that light is coming through the monitor, much like light through a stained glass window. I focus on light and color in much of my work. My favorite 3D art program is Bryce, by MetaCreations, because it does a good job of simulating glass, water, and metal. I create many of the 3D objects in my pieces in other programs like Ray Dream Studio and then import them into Bryce for my 3D renders, which can take my computer anywhere from a few minutes to a full day depending on the complexity of the glass in a scene. I have many ongoing series ranging from stained glass and metal pieces to abstract pieces, watercolors, and Atlantis pieces. I work very intuitively, often not knowing what I am going to do when I sit down to work."

David Camp

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