All of the carvings that Carlos has made are real - in the sense that they still exist today. They were carved out of stone thousands of years ago. A few were painted on walls found in caves. He has reproduced them as exact as humanly possible. Each Carving has a story to tell. He has burnt the description of each image onto the carvings. (displayed next to the thumbnails)

The Ring Gallery of Carlos
uniquely designed hand carved and hand dyed Sculptured Leather Carvings
Chaac, Dios Del La LLuvia
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Wall Portraits

They are sculptured portraits of Ancient Maya, Aztec, and other precolumbians peoples dating back thousands of years. Each carving represents images found at Mayaland Archaeological Sites. Some also represent Aztec findings of other Archaeological Sites. They all reflect their culture, religious, and ceremonial life. Selection of over 150 portraits. No two alike. Sizes range from 16" x 16" to 29" x45". Available framed or unframed. All portraits are Collectors' quality and reasonably priced.

Carlos - the artist

All of my wall hangings are really labor intensive. I might spend a whole day working on a 5" x 5" section. I make exact duplicates of artwork that was produced thousands of years ago. The original artworks were made out of stone or paintings found in caves or walls of ancient structures. First, I must trace them onto the leather. Then I soak the leather in water. Then I use a very small knife and cut the design onto the leather. Afterwards I use a variety of small tools(I have over 255 of them) to stamp out the water along the lines that I cut. Once the water is stamped out the shape will remain forever. My pictures will last hundreds of years. After it dries, the coloring of the picture is as labor intensive as the cutting/stamping. If I spend 3 weeks cutting it will take almost the same amount of time to dye them. Even the color is important. I use Maya indians to help me pick out the colors if the original colors are too faded to see. Every color has meaning to Maya & Aztec indians. My dyes are made out of herbs and roots found in the Yucatan Jungle. (I live on the outskirts of it) Sometimes I have to use acrylic."

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