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I find it totally awesome that anyone can take a simple piece of pastel, a pencil, or a paintbrush and create wonderful art. A long-time desire of mine was to create portraits, and other great works of art.... I am now fulfilling that dream.

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I have been an artist since childhood. Always doodling during school, my teachers would ask me to create artwork for display. One of my special memories is when my second grade teacher asked me to draw a portrait of Santa Claus and she displayed it on the classroom door. I felt so proud that she thought my art was so good! I took art classes through school, which kept me in touch with my creative side, and my artwork placed near the top in many competitions. Although life after school lead me in other directions, such as working a "real" job and raising a wonderful family, a love for art has always remained. A passion for drawing Santa Claus lead me to create hundreds of Santa paintings on slate boards, and other items which I sold at area craft shows, making a successful business known as SIMPLY SANTAS for several years. Although the SIMPLY SANTAS business was put on hold a few years ago, ideas for future works are still flowing!

Over the years I have accumulated a large number of art books and magazines which have contributed to my knowledge and experience in drawing and painting techniques. My long-time desire to paint portraits has lead me to spend much time studying and practicing the art of portraiture. I have discovered a great satisfaction and challenge in doing portraits. One of my greatest satisfactions is doing a portrait of someone from the past. I have an unexplained connection with people that are no longer living, which allows me to do some of my most creative work. I feel their presence, which guides me to paint their portrait the way they want to be remembered. I work mostly from photographs because sometimes my best creativity comes at odd times, and then I am able to concentrate and produce the best possible results. I have worked with most mediums, but I love using Pastels, Charcoal, and Colored Pencils. I just feel in control of my creativity when using them.

I am currently a member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT ARTISTS (A.S.O.P.A.) and of the GREAT LAKES PASTEL SOCIETY (G.L.P.S.) and have been working on commissions through referrals.

When considering to commission some of my work, you will find my fees quite reasonable: "As I strive to make this a successful artistic venture, it is my sincere hope that everyone be able to afford a "priceless" hand-painted portrait of family and loved ones."....Sherry Szmigiel

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