The Ring Gallery

The Ring gallery follows the idea of the web ring - where "rings" are formed out of artists pages which contain - up to 20 pieces of artwork displayed along with the descriptions and résumé. All the artists who display here are listed under the Artists link. The names are linked to their ring pages.

Please note that the work displayed on these pages is copyrighted © property of the artists.
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To surf the Ring Gallery - follow the next or back signs. In order to view their art works press the EYE link at the bottom of each ring page. Art works can be enlarged by clicking on them. You can send e-mail to the artist or /and visit his/her web site.


artists This is the listing of artists whose art is on display at the ring gallery.

Paula Carter - wonderful naturalistic paintings on stone and goose eggs.
David Camp - exquisite esoteric digital images: futuristic mixed with ancient tones.
Carlos - uniquely designed hand carved and hand dyed Sculptured Leather Carvings from Mexico.
Marianne Molgard - from Sweden, her first art work was completed when she was 1 year old.
Margaret Clement - a wild life artist from Canada, acrylic paintings done on slate rock.
Tim Ernst
- from Japan, is a colored pencil artist and a member of The CPS Of America.
Robert Stagemyer - unique Wall-Sculptures from American artist full of joix de vivre!
Sherry Szmigiel - a portrait artist from the States, currently a member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT ARTISTS (A.S.O.P.A.) and of the GREAT LAKES PASTEL SOCIETY (G.L.P.S.)
Sylvia Lee - a wild life artist from North Dakota. "What I try to capture in my paintings are the kind of scenes that should be preserved for all generations to come."
Julio Mateo - Metaphysical Paintings from New Mexico. Meditative mandalas that celebrate the Earth. Very interesting."
June Kaminski - Mystical and healing artwork from the PAG owner... intended to inspire, touch, and soothe the weary mind.

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