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Polls for the Artist Of The Week

We offer weekly POLLS for the  ARTIST OF THE WEEK! When you submit your piece to the gallery you eventually become our nominee for the artist of the week poll as well. (unless you choose not to) We have a limited number (8) of nominees in a week's poll. Submissions made in the mean time will be added to the competition in the next poll.

Please, note - that the aim of the poll for the artist of the week is not to determine who is the better artist. It's aim is to promote art and help artists in gaining more online visibility and to evoke the interest for fine arts with the general cyber community. And of course to put a little laughter and excitement online.

You can choose one of our VOTE ICONS when you are in the poll.

Please visit our past and present winners - WINNERS

Here you can give votes for your favorite artist and artwork. - VOTE

Artists need to place a link image back to the Pegasus' Art Gallery. All nominees stay in the poll for a minimum of 4 weeks, unless they become winners before. Other members of the Gallery may also submit an art piece to solicit a nomination. Entry will depend on the number of new members running (a maximum of 8).




We only have one requirement of all of our members. You need to have a link back to the Pegasus' Art Gallery if you decide to join our gallery. Please use one of the Pegasus' logos - to help us reach our goal, and heighten exposure for your work, as well as the work of other members. This is a community: a reciprocal link, as well as "spreading the word" will help to draw new visitors and potential patrons for your art.


Final Note

As always, submissions for membership are more than welcome. (We are a bit selective and do not publish every piece submitted.) To publish your work at the Pegasus Art Gallery, fill in the submission form, with the url where your work can be downloaded, or attach a copy of your art. Please note: you need to wait until you are accepted to the Thumbnail gallery and then apply for other features. Work displayed on the gallery pages is the copyrighted property of the artists concerned. Finally, I would like to thank all of you who helped me spread the good word about the gallery. Please continue to inform people about our site: your participation is vital for our continued success!