Below you will find links to the art related servers where you can display your art or add your url. I have "tried out" each of these sites myself so I know they offer quality services. I have included the basic information - name, url - linking to the submittion page, short description of services and the cost if any. I am constantly seeking new urls that would be of some interest to artists, so please if you come accross to such a "thing", share it with us.

Please note - as this page is designed to take out of the PAG - all of the links open in this browser window.


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Artistically done!

- you can submit your art work to them, for free!!

"Alchemix goal is to display the works of many artists and invites submissions to the studio."



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Unlike other online art databases, we provide additional services like transaction capabilities, and act as a go between to help insure that everyone has the best experience online. There is no limit to how many pieces you can list, and there are no fees for listing. We charge only a modest 15% seller's fee, which we deduct from the sale price at the time of a completed transaction. We can assist you in creating a link from your own homepage to a list of your art in our site, and are happy to assist you in any way possible, as our time allows.


Art Garden

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The Art Garden, L.L.C. is an on-line internet art gallery that introduces emerging artists to art buyers. Our service offers you the opportunity to show your work around the country without relinquishing your original pieces of work. As you display your work on The Art Garden, L.L.C., you can continue improving and exhibiting these pieces elsewhere.


Art Mecca

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$125 lifetime membership for authors selling work;
$500 for display only


Art Mecca's mission is to take individual Artists and Galleries from local to global customer visibility and access.

By using the lastest technologies, design principals and the Internet we

have developed a website that allows artwork to be easily viewed and quickly available like never before!



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$100.00 / Year (12 Months)

  • Individual web page which includes a biographical sketch of up to 500 words. Artist photograph and logo are optional.

  • Up to 30 displayed images of the artist's works with art data accompanying each image.

  • Contact data such as mailing address, Email address, telephone and fax numbers, listed galleries where the artists work is displayed (if applicable), and linkage to other personal web pages.

  • Web site bulletin board for advertisement of workshops, classes, field trips, Juried shows, and special events.

  • Weekly updates as required.

  • Sale transaction support and escrow account support option.


Art Mall International

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The Art Directory in ArtMall contains an extensive file of Artists, Publishers and Galleries covering all art forms and media. Offers space to post your portfolio and contact information for purchase of your work. You may register and have a listing in the "Who's in Art" free of charge by completing their site form and submitting it to ArtMall.


Art Quest

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Gorgeous site that offers a new way to locate, buy and sell art. ArtQuest is a listing service that connects buyers and sellers via email. Say good-bye to commissions and fees to locate art ! Whether you're an artist, collector, consultant, dealer, designer, gallery, publisher or hobbyist extraordinaire, when a work of art strikes your interest, just click the email address listed with the art and send the member a note. It's that easy !



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TheArtSource.Com was started with the artist in mind. They are not selling the artworks for you. The reason I am putting this server onto this link page is THE EXCELLENT service they provide. They have thought of very intelligent ways to help you promote your art besides they are building a real wide and strong community. If you join now, your rates will be maintained for one year at the same rate - Free! All they ask in return is feedback.

Here you will also find many valuable links to other art places, including to those who will help you sell artworks online.


Art Space 2000

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$50 for a listing
$250 for display & portfolio

Brings artists and buyers together, from around the globe.

Here you will also find many valuable links a newsletter, art award and other membership resources.


The Artesian Well (Artwell)

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The Artesian Well (Artwell) - a non-profit organisation. Artists wishing consideration for display in any of the gallery areas please fill out the online application.


A Stroke of Genius

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$75 Setup fee
undisclosed monthly fee

Nicely designed resource for portrait artists. You receive up to fourteen original web pages, plus a duplicate set that is for your own marketing use and to give out to clients and prospects. The duplicate set has no links to this site so when your clients and prospects go to your pages, there will not be a link at the bottom of your personal home page leading them to see other artists.


Double Take Gallery

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$250 setup fee
$25 per month

If you're an artist interested in using the Internet to gain as much exposure as possible for your artwork, you owe it to yourself to check out this opportunity. For the first time ever, you can have your work displayed on a high profile web site, and maintain the content yourself 24 hours a day!


Internet for the Fine Arts

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- Excellent service. I use it personally to promote artists from the virtual gallery. You can add up to 50 images and lots of textual listings just for one tiny reciprocal link!


Life Is Art

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$15 per month

Putting your art online at Life is Art is a great decision. You will achieve the exposure of the world wide web without having to pay start-up costs or deal with web designing, maintenance, promotion, or hosting.

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Contemporary looking artist's site offering Artist templates that allow you to build up to seven separate home pages (25 MB) with a minimum of effort and technical knowledge on their site.



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Basic Plan: $220/yr
Bonus Plan: $400/yr
Master Artist Plan: $800/yr

If you're like most artists, marketing your artwork isn't always your favorite part of the job. It can be a frustrating, time-consuming process that diverts your attention away from your artwork. Visual Artistry TM can help. Our job is to make sure that we get the word out about your artwork so that your practice is successful and rewarding.