Art Award Winners

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bullet Jack A. Neal, Photographer

A virtual gallery for the presentation and promotion of fine art photography by Jack A. Neal. Jack is modest in his description - this is one of the finest sites that I have witnessed lately. Jack presents a very powerful photo-journalistic essay "Katrina's Wake" that is mesmerizing, showcasing shocking yet insightful photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and a very moving essay to elaborate. His work is amazing, earning him both of the PAG Gold awards. Won the Gold Art and Gold Web Award.

bullet Contemporary Art by Costantino Contini

Contemporary Art by Costantino Contini. Discover his abstract art through his chromatic expression. Complete online gallery of artworks within an aesthetic and powerful web interface. The photographs of the painting process are particularly fascinating and earned Constantino a second award. Won the Gold Art and Gold Web Award.

bullet SW Photography

This beautiful site designed by Erin Whalen features the awesome and unique photography of her husband, Steve Whalen. The colours, lens focus, and composition of these photographs are well worth the visit, and Erin's incredible web work has earned her the Web Award Won the Gold Art Award and the Gold Web Award.

bullet Monastyr Digital Art Gallery

Polish artist, Marciej, Monastyr presents her unique and visionary illustration, book covers, science fiction & fantasy art... Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Imaginative Pencil

Framed art prints, custom portraits, posters, and more! Featuring the visionary art of Justin Michael Jenkins. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet ANTILIMIT: A Digital Expression

Featuring unique photography and digital art from the mind of Eric Gustafson. Eric's artistic expression is indeed unique, lending a lens to the deep, sometimes wretching experience of the human being. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Firestarter Pyrography

Pyrographic artist specialising in burning design onto wood & leather. From spoons to boxes, clocks to plaques. Ideal personalised gifts for a special occasion or personal treat! Also pyrography tips; techniques, patterns, tagua; gourds. Member of the Guild of Essex Craftsmen. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Portraits by John Burton

John's portrait art is truly breath-taking, whether done in charcoal, pastels, watercolors, or other mediums. He has a gift of expressing the light within people's souls through the artistic lens. Very powerful work! Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet The Magical World of Horses

The equine art of Suzana Stojanovic Suza an artist. Original oil on canvas and pastel paintings. Realism, photorealism, hyperrealism. Suzana really captures the powerful essence of these delightful creatures! Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Tony Ward, craftsman of beautiful art sculptured boxes

Tony Ward's wonderful artworks are created with fine Australian timbers. Each box is individually crafted inspired by features of the timber. Blue Mountains, Australia. Tony showcases his wonderful art in a savvy, user-friendly site that is itself, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Eldbage - Independent Artist Painter

This beautifully designed site showcases the soulful and moving art of Sweden artist, Larz Eldbage. Larz has a long history of art recognition and scholarly activity all across Europe and graces the web with the beauty and insightfulness of his work. Won the Gold Web Award and the Creativity Award.

bullet Monella Persians

This tastefully designed site showcases the Monella Persians which is a “CFA Cattery Of Excellence 2006” and FIFE reg. working in Malta. With some of the best imported bloodlines from the USA & UK, constantly producing top show cats. Won the Gold Web Award.