Art Award Winners


bullet Barbara Tampieri Home Page

My site offers a main fine art section with the permanent exhibition of Giuseppe Tampieri's artworks from 1936 to 1999 and the BTDesign Art Gallery, hosting every month one of the winners of The Golden Art Site Award. Other sections include my original photos, a collection of vintage classic movie stars postcards, all available for sending, and my Award program for Best Site, Best Movie Site and Golden Art Site Awards. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Richard Dziendzielowski's PDFX

I use a gold flash interface to showcase my digital galleries Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Mohammed Sherif's Graphics Design

Mohammed Sherif's web site includes an art gallery of his artwork. As well as his achieved web development projects on the net, besides some of his love quotes.
Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet ART in the STIKS

Artwork, Cartoons, Prints, T-Shirts and more. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Basil's Art

Original digital paintings. A unique interpretation of my views on color, perspective, depth, and contours. The paintings have an inner illumination, and atmospheric quality. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Bluecobalto Murano Art Glass.

Very exclusive glass artworks directly from the famous little glass-island of Murano in the lagoon of Venice, Italy . Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Art of Africa by Sue Dickinson

Original paintings, prints, South African postage stamps, wildlife art, and portraits of Africa's people by artist Sue Dickinson. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet AARTIKA!

A collection of galleries containing almost 200 original fractal design images and ten screensavers which are free for visitors to download for their personal use. A non-commercial site, which I hope others will enjoy viewing. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Linda Huffman

Floral & seascape oil paintings along with cartoon panels and cartoon strips. Included is a new greeting card generator and free-for-all-links page. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Adonai - Living in the Light

Just for the joy of Spirit. Another nodal point in the net of Light. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet JavaRioca-Webdesign presents Rio de Janeiro

JavaRioca-Webdesign presents in German the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro to demonstrate its skills in designing internet-presentations. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Tangram Design Studio

Tangram Design Studio made in fully original BW design providing old Chinese tranquility spirit and hi-quality web design. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Third Apex to Fractovia

Contains several galleries of fractal images, fractal music, and discussions on fractals as art. It also includes an extensive up-to-date list of freeware fractal generators, screen savers and fractal music software, with links and reviews. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Studio Products

Studio Products is dedicated to informing serious artists about the methods and materials used by the old masters. It is operated by working professional artists who share their tips and secrets as well as offering access to hard-to-find art supplies. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Pessoa Revisitado

Site about Portuguese Poet, Fernando Pessoa. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet TMC Designs

TMC Designs is a personal web site offering professional webdesign services. Here you can also find free webgraphics to download, original poems to read, some travel information and an award to apply for as well as learn about dragons and the religion wicca. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Bronze Gallery

The Bronze Gallery is an online sculpture gallery offering over 100 original 19th and 20th century French and American bronzes. The site is informative, quick loading and high in content. You can see and almost handle more 19th century sculptures here than at most major museums. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Virtuoso Violinist Aaron Rosand

Among the world's great violinists is Aaron Rosand. This site includes discography, audioclips, reviews, and translations. Won the Silver Web Award.