Art Award Winners


bullet Vivid Millennium Corporate Greeting Cards

Greeting cards designed specifically for the new millennium and business communications. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Losing Heart

The official site for the new Australian feature film, Losing Heart. Won the Gold Web Award.


The Unofficial Newcastle United Icq Fan Club helps to unite all NUFC Fans in the internet. Provide service in latest news about NUFC,downloads, link, and more... available exclusively at - nifc.networkz. Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Bob Manekshaw

This web site is dedicated to photography and the learning of the skills and techniques required. A number of regularly updated portfolios examine different styles while clearly written articles explain some of the techniques required to produce them. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Fine Art of Faye Cummings

Welcome to an exhibit of expressive fine art! Includes art links, book ideas, affiliate info, shopping and more.Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Creative writing web site and award program

Beyond the description in my site's title, my design and writing were created to form a relationship, much like Frank Lloyd Wright's representation of man and nature in Fallingwater. Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Squishymatter

Biomorphic mixed-media sculpture and painting, exploring ideas of beauty and discomfort through natural and unnatural forms and textures. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Graphiweb

Free web graphics, a gallery, awards and web site design. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet A Hole in the Dark

A superbly done site that reflects the soul and talents of a deep and moving man. Won the Creativity Award.

bullet Studio Dalwood

An enterprise owned and operated by printmaker and installation artist Josephine Severn Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet NNCreations

Graphic Design, Paintings, Posters, Photoshop Tutorials, and more. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet Cyber Gallery

On my gallery I have mostly fantasy illustrations and portraits. I use pencils, watercolors, colored pencils or graphic programs such as Photoshop. I hope you enjoy my little gallery! Won the Silver Art Award.

bullet Dedicated to Painting with Oils.

Painting with Oils resource, from the first time painter with oils to the professional artist. Won the Gold Web Award.

bullet Kota Press

We are a small press publishing a quarterly online poetry journal which showcases photos and art as well as writing. We also provide some grief support through our Mrs. Duck Project and link to families who must endure the death of a child due to any cause. Won the Silver Web Award.

bullet Ceramic

Tour the personal galleries of today's leading ceramic sculptors. Over 150 ceramic artworks on display. Periodic changes and additions of artwork and artists. Links to major artists and directories worldwide. Won the Gold Art Award.

bullet - Artwork on the Essence of Women

Positive and inspiring images of women of the millennium, beautiful, full of power and spirit by artist Pat Mistretta. Won the Gold Art Award.