Creativity Award of Artistic Excellence Winners

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bullet ArtOslo Gallery

From Norway, we feature young and talented Scandinavian artists in the fields of sculpture and painting.
"The collective works of Scandinavian artists from Norway. Innovative and at times full of humor and outright amusing, the site features sculpture and paintings. The URL itself is simple, pure yet outstanding. The art is well worth the visit and makes us wish we had the opportunity for a quick visit to the "Land of the Midnight Sun". Oh what glorious and interesting work this is! These young artists are full of VISION!"

bullet tad / web design & computer art

Extensive use of Flash & DHTML technology for a web designer's on-line showreel free desktops downloadable free marketing tools.
"Utterly fascinating is the only way to begin a description of this amazing site. Enrico Tomaselli shows us vital new ways to animate and use flash effectively for web sites. There are also some amazing computer generated graphics and images. A walk on the wild side with talent, talent, talent! tad graphic design and computer art shows us all there is so much to learn in this medium. Heck with this site and the talent shown, the sky is the limit!"

bullet Craig Robertson Online Gallery

A selection of contemporary paintings, drawings, portraits, digital art and photography from this visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
"A master of vision, Craig Robertson is multi-talented in a variety of media including portrait work, digital art and photography. You'll find his work a delight to the spirit with detail that will keep you interested. Robertson's composition is outstanding. We found his art a flight of fantasy that warmed our souls. It is with great pride we award Craig both our Gold award and our special award for Creativity not only due to the individual work he's done but as well due his is multiple talents! WOW!"

bullet Voice Interactiv

Encourages women and youth survivors of violence to use the arts and media as tools toward ending the cycle of violence in their lives.
"One of the most expressive examples to public service and artistic help for human good we've ever seen. is an outlet for women and children, including teens, to use art as healing following violence The site targets survivors who exhibit their own art and chronicles transformations as victims find strength through other art forms such as dance and music. It also highlights an award winning documentary film done for healing and an interactive web scene that is described as a cross between a television series and an online e-zine. Truly an unbelievable sample of profoundly good web design in combination with a cause the world should have eradicated by now. Get your bookmarkers ready, you'll be back for more and more, we promise! STUPENDOUS!"

bullet The art of Atman Victor

Spanish artist, Atman Victor presents surreal, fantasy and sci-fi art for all tastes. Come in and enjoy it!
"Atman, your computer art is some of the very best. Your ability to capture and manipulate your feelings and insights are superb! Congratulations, we happily award you the Gold award from Pegasus. We also with great pride award you our presitgous Creativity award for oustanding talent beyond compare to many!."

bullet Pixelshoots by Stefan Kindermann

Portfolio of digital photography by German artist, Stefan Kindermann.
"An oustanding site from an artist whose time has time! Stefan Kindermann's photography done in digital format is one of the freshest approaches we've seen for some time! What a pleasure to award these images both our Gold award and our Creativity award for oustanding work which is a delight to see. We hated to leave the site!"

bullet Sternland

Sternland....takes you closer to the stars Website of the German company Stellar Embassy International There are several flash-versions (flash4, flash5, pop-up) + html-version.German and English.
"Beyond outstanding! This is a must see site for anyone who appreciates gorgeous, innovative web work done in an approach that is totally captivating! WOW! We were just, to put it mildly, "blown away' by this site! Work beyond fabulous! Webmaster Inge Preiss is a genius and it shows. Go there, yourself and enjoy a Universe that will take you away for a while. It's soothing, insiteful and just plain BRAVO work and art! Oh my!"

bullet GressieArt

A site about the Dutch painter Gabriel Gressie.
"How many ways can one spell G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S? At Gabriel Gressie's site you can and it's worth the voyage. Startlingly pretty art on a site designed with a style that will take you on a voyage for as long as you like. We all agreed we'd like to be THIS GOOD with art and design when we grow up! Breathtaking! A sure fire site to book mark! We think you'll agree with our Gold award and our Creativity award, this site has an energy all it's own!"