Creativity Award of Artistic Excellence Winners

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bullet Eldbage - Independent Artist Painter

This beautifully designed site showcases the soulful and moving art of Sweden artist, Larz Eldbage. Larz has a long history of art recognition and scholarly activity all across Europe and graces the web with the beauty and insightfulness of his work.

bullet Photon

"Magnificent flow and design, highlighting equally magnificent photographic art. Thomas they way you capture and use light is transcends to the higher realms."

bullet MoserArt

Is there a more intensly descriptive word than gorgeous? There should be for both this site and the art! Moser's art is mesmirizing! The elegant simple lines of the site lets his art shine all it's own! No one, repeat, "NO ONE" should miss this site! The emotion-filled art is beyond compare. It looks like a great master with a flavor of modern today. Just un-believe-able!!!

bullet 3D Alchemy

Beyond beautiful! Your art is simply breathtaking. It's such a pleasure to view it, we were lost in it! Just lovely!

bullet Digital Painting and Poems

It's hard not to telephone everyone we know to take a look at this site! It is just so professional and artistically pleasing! Your awareness of color is very nice, rather soothing and makes one want to move in for quite a while! Just a joyous experience! In a rare move, we'd also like to award you our Creativity Award as well. This site is outstanding!

bullet Fine Modern Art Galerie

Aesthetic in form and color. Outstanding in any language. A highlight of our judging process was to find this one! Just fabulisimo! You have talent deluxe and such an eye for composition and color. This site is so overwhelming we are bestowing two awards, a rare honor.

bullet PT Designers

Not only is your site, itself, wonderful, all those you created in your portfolio are as well. You are probably very busy artists with your work in web design... Super, wondrous work

Save The Light Inc. (Morris Island Lighthouse in SC)

Save The Light Inc. is a Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the historic Morris Island Lighthouse in Charleston, SC. See our amazing Virtual Tour Automatic Slide Shows in your browser with No Plug-ins needed!

Dear visitors, please join them in their effort to preserve and protect the historic Morris Island Lighthouse from erosion.


Kara Art Server is dedicated to the Contemporary Art. A special part of this server is consecrated, in exclusivity, to Pasolini's paintings and drawings.


A brilliantly designed series of pages that make you wonder if this is possible to make. Main topic are cats. (German language)


A must to see! Excellent use of frames. Check out his portfolio.


Home of a very talented designer, Xung. There you'll find high quality graphic, if they're not there they can make them for you.


My favourite place online.
A delicate balance between artistic creativity and sensible coding is what makes a website really "sing".(Willie Otto)

A Hole in the Dark

A superbly done site that reflects the soul and talents of a deep and moving man.