"I think that good art depends more on what is not seen than what is. By this I mean, that for one to appreciate good art, one must look for the very essence that makes good art great. One must search for the passion of the art. The very soul the artist pours into his or her work. The life energy spent on its creation."

"As an artist, I too am in constant search of passion. Passion in my life to spill over into my work. My life is my art. I need only borrow from one to sustain the other. If I have no passion for living I will certainly have no passion in my art. Passion begets more passion, Passion moves and breathes, it flows and ebbs. It stirs deeper emotions often left dormant in our souls and stimulates the very feelings that remind us we are alive. So, when you look at my work, look for the passion I have drawn from. Look into the eyes of my subjects to see in them what I saw in them. Look into the colors I have chosen to feel what I felt when I put them down. Look for the life I saw in inanimate objects I draw. Look for me there and you will know me. I am my art and my art is me. We are inseparable. We exist together in a state of passion drawing breath from one another. We nurture each other, we sustain each other. We are one." .


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