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About the artist

Mölgård was born in 1953 and raised in a little village called Kimstad, situated about 15 km from Norrköping (Norrkoping) in the state Östergötland, (Ostergotland), Sweden. She spent her school years in Skarblacka and Finspaang and graduated in 1971 as a secretary. Then she worked in different offices in the neighbourhood for about 15 years as a secretary and drawing technical constructions for the factory business, landscapes, gardens, architect drawings. In the afternoons she attended courses in oil, watercolor and nude drawing ( Kroki ). As she says her ART education's mostly been based on learning from her own mistakes.

For a ten-year period she studied for The Artist Börje Elwi Carlsson, born in Denmark, living in Sweden, Helsingborg. Börje is a famous Artist, who has been awarded with the Gold medal in many European countries. The famous one is "Love-sweet." In 1993 Marianne started studying Art at the Folk's High-School in Linkoping. Unfortunately the illness prevented her to contunue with her studies.

The last 5 years she has been teaching acrylics, watercolor and drawing, charcoal techniques in several afternoon courses. Her students and herself have had several public Art exhibitions - in Söderköping Museum, 1997 ( tree miles south from Norrköping) Sank Ragnhilds Gille. Over the years she prepared several solo shows.

Drawing and painting have always followed her life. More in some and less in other periods. She prefers to work in Acrylics, because of many advantages this medium offers (dryness, no chemicals, no smell). Her passion for the Watercolors is the freshness. Easy to have in hand. Just lovely colors. Charcoal drawings give her wonderful challenges of the color scheme in grey scale. Always in her bag.

Marianne also values the advantages of the online world where she actively participates. She has set up her own online gallery - Marianne's Gallery - displaying her artworks and took part in different competitions - successfully:

Let's name a few honours that really stand out. She has been selected as the:

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