My art is basically divided up into the four categories listed below. Click on the links to enter those galleries. All works are original pieces and are copy-righted by the artist.
paintings paintings
drawings drawings
portraits portraits
comic art comic art

Copyright statement Please note that artworks showcased here are originals and a property of Jim Green. Therefore copyrighted by the artist, Jim Green.

How to view the artworks? Within these galleries use the next/back signs in order to move around, click on the art works in order to enlarge them, (please remember to close the window), or click on the about this art work link which opens a new window. When you mouseover the same link you get a description of that piece. Please, send e-mail to Jim if you have any suggestions, comments or if you want to find out more about pricing & order info, etc.. Jim will gladly answer any and all questions... Please take some time and leave your comments and suggestions in the Jim's guest-book - we would love to hear from you ;)

System requirements 4+ browser (preferably Internet Explorer), optimized for 800x600 should ensure proper viewing.

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