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Elizabeth's Focus

Elizabeth displays an eclectic talent that has utilized a broad approach in the use of medium, subject and focus. Just recently, Elizabeth has created an exceptional array of sports related art. Interestingly, her work has caught the attention of Olympic officials. Elizabeth uses watercolors, prisma colors, papier mache, collage, mosaics, and pastels to present a variety of Olympic sports. Her work was displayed this past year by the Winter Olympic Museum in Lake Placid and the Florida 2012 Olympic Committee.

In the past, papier mache and clay work took up the bulk of Elizabeth's creative time, but lately she has broadened her scope by creating more watercolors paintings, collages and mosiacs. Her work is becoming well known for its clean vibrant use of color, form and fluid curves.

Elizabeth also specializes in hieroglypic work, creating signature pieces to match a person's name or other meaningful phrase. Another focus includes a South West influence, with desert scenes, kokapellis and lizards. Through all of her work, Elizabeth shows a keen awareness of the essence of life - the inner spirit that makes a being or object glow with life force and vitality.

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