Our Lady Of The Eucharist And The Precious Blood

In 1996 a lady (Her name is Diane Chase) who has visits of the Virgin Mary saw one of my murals and asked to see me. She said I was chosen to paint the Virgin Mary as seen in her vision. I told her I did not do portraits and had never painted a person and wouldn't know where to start. She told me I had no choice that the Virgin Mary  had chosen me and God would guide my hand.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary

She told me the canvas had to be done in a special way. It had to be 7 foot by 8 foot and in pieces so that it could travel, but no cut could go through the Virgin Mary. Some special coincidences: The painting was finished in July, the 7th month. It took 7 days to finish (a mural half that size took me 3 month to finish). The canvas consists of 7 pieces. It traveled to the Vatican in Rome for the Pope's blessing in the 7th month and I was born in the 7th month. The name of the painting is: Our Lady of the Eucharist and the Precious Blood. The mission of the painting is to travel throughout the United States to bring people back to praying the Rosary.

Take a look at the pictures of the whole process

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