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Artist's Reflections

"Yoshikawa's biography of Musashi expresses the motivation behind the artist's drive to create a legacy of works which have the potential to extend influence beyond an individual lifetime."

"In the new Millennium, artists have unprecedented access to the cultures of the world and the lessons of the past. My effort has been to learn, extend, and reveal these lessons in a narrative, figurative, and allegorical format. I select my subjects from around the world and from among different peoples and times. I attempt to 'freeze' meaning, action, and setting into a beautiful, thoughtful object which brings lasting enjoyment and divulges it's greatest insights only to those who are prepared to understand."

"Of course, I humbly agree that my paintings and sculptures will not stop history. I respectfully thank the reader for any consideration given to my point of view. Your attention to these pages honors me."


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