How to view the artworks?

Use the next/back signs in order to move around, click on the art works in order to enlarge them, (please remember to close the window), or click on the TITLEof the artwork which is linked to the enlarged version of the displayed thumbnail.

A slide show allows you to view the artworks without *clicking*. Press the F11 key on your keyboard to get a full screen preview. Hit F11 to minimize the screen.

All images are available for sale. Please contact the artist for current pricing - e-mail.

System requirements 4+ browser (preferably Internet Explorer), optimized for 800x600 should ensure proper viewing.

Copyright statement copyright James Guçwa All Rights Reserved. The artworks showcased in this gallery are originals and a property of the artist, ( James Guçwa). Permission is not given under any circumstances to use, alter, save in another medium, etc. any of the art work showcased here.

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