Welcome fellow surfer, artist, art lover... to the PAG, a 100% non-profit virtual art gallery devoted to showcasing the art of 229 international artists...please do come in and enjoy our artistic delights! I have added a new section, the Pegasus News 'N Views where news, interviews, announcements and honors received by our members are featured. As well, view the Artists who have won my Pick of the Week Award. These are PAG members whose work shows fine form, expression and that special something that has caught my eye.

My main goal is to help Artists display their work in an aesthetic online environment and to promote Art in general. Here I exhibit various art works submitted to me by artists from around the globe. If you are an Artist, would you like to submit your artwork to gain world-wide exposure? If so, this is the place to be!

If this is your first visit to the PAG allow me to give you a little overview of the gallery. Galleria is the place where you can find detailed information about the programs. It was designed to serve the fellow artist - there are pieces of information others might find useful too. The Thumbnail Gallery - an eclectic assortment of Artwork from independent Artists, is the first gallery - there you will find Art from all over the globe. The Virtual Gallery - offers a professionally designed cyber-space to Artists looking for a complete webpage on a well-trafficked server. The Ring Gallery resembles a web ring, only the ring is formed from artists' pages. Artists can apply to join the Ring and showcase their work in a nicely designed web ring environment. The Millennium Gallery offers a vision of the New Millennium for your viewing pleasure. Artists who have created work that reflects the energy and promise of the New Millennium may showcase their work in this new gallery.

Please select from the menu below to find out more about PAG services.

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